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 Burry Man, South Queensferry
 Ewan McColl
 Coconut Dancers, Bacup
 The Watersons

Present and future work

This website is intended to show the range of materials held in the Doc Rowe Archive as of May 1st 2006. Work is ongoing (including digitisation some of the material); of necessity this can only be piecemeal , but the site will be steadily updated and expanded.

Access to the collection

Although the material is held in good, atmospheric conditions in Whitby, it is an archive. Therefore the access is limited at present. Nevertheless, this site should go some way to making items accessible; video and audio players will be available in the next few months. Also watch this space for open days at the Archive!

A searchable database

When the current database is functioning you will be able to search for material by subject, category, person, location, collection type and other searchable categories.

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